Sample Lid Picker Report

The report you receive is organized so that you will see helmets in the sizes that are a possible fit.  And for each helmet model we show whether they are a good match for overall shape and basic front-to-back/side-to-side measurements.  It's sort of like being in Vegas...  choices with three green bars across are the winners. (click here for more details about interpreting the report)

sample report 2.JPG

Scope of Data: 

This sample report only shows a few helmet models.  Your Lid Picker report results will include all the helmet models in our database (click here to see the full list).  And it will also include other columns to help you narrow your helmet search, such as helmet configuration (closed face, modular, etc), riding style (street, race, etc), internal sunshield (yes/no) and base price.

Expect to see more added soon... this is a work in progress!