Relative Shape of Helmets

From our measurement database, we are able to quantify the relative shape of the different helmet models. 

This information can be useful if you like how one model fits you and want to know if another model is in the same "ball park" with regard to overall shape.

A Lid Picker Report prepared for you will show how your own head shape compares to each model in much finer detail.


Relative Size of Helmets

We calculated a theoretical internal circumference of a size large helmet in every helmet model we tested. 

Most models don't deviate more than one half size either smaller or larger, but there are a few standouts. 

A Lid Picker report prepared for you will compare your measured head size to the measurements we took of every size of every model of helmet shown here to help you pick the right size. 


Discontinued Helmet Models: Comparison by Shape

Discontinued Helmet Models: Comparison by Size