Terms of Service

Customers are offered suggestions as to helmet models which may better fit their own head shape.  These suggestions are based upon measurements of helmets taken by our staff and the measurements given to us by customers.  And although we believe the information in our reports can lead consumers to the best fitting helmets, the final evaluation of fit, suitability, performance etc lies solely with the consumer. We do not guarantee positive results from using the Lid Picker report.  It is for informational purposes only.

We have made every effort to present accurate data, and we are not liable for any inadvertent mistakes that may affect the contents of the reports we deliver. 

Customers are urged to heed all sizing and use information offered by retailers or manufacturers, and consider that information to supersede any information offered by Lid Picker reports.

All interaction between a consumer and a retailer is outside the influence of the Lid Picker organization and we are not responsible for any negative outcomes with regard to a consumers helmet purchase and use.


Privacy Policy

Your personal information is used to complete the delivery of products purchased at LidPicker.com, and therefore it must be shared with the third parties involved in completing the transaction such as our credit card processor, website hosting company, the package carrier who delivers physical products, etc.

We work with retailers of motorcycle apparel and accessories who have volunteered to give certain discounts toward the purchase of their products.  We share customer's information (excluding payment information) with those vendors.  Customers are given the option NOT to have their information shared with our retail partners (and decline the receipt of any promotions offered). If you accept the promotional offer, please expect to be added to the marketing list of the partner you choose.

We do not share your personal information with any other companies except as described above (ie: no wholesale selling of customer information).


Returns Policy

Our products consist of a simple and inexpensive measurement kit, and/or a personalized report.  None of these products are returnable or refundable.