Shopping for a motorcycle helmet and want help with fit?  You are in the right place!

Typical helmet size charts focus on only one dimension...  head circumference.  But what about shape?  Knowing which helmets have a shape that matches your own head shape is the key to finding a great fitting helmet. 

Get our measuring kit, send us your measurements and we'll match you with a better fitting helmet.  We'll also tell you how different helmet models compare with each other for size and shape.  (view sample report)




It works based on data and experience

We built a database of helmet measurements right in our own shop.  We measured every size of every model carefully and compiled the data to be useful for the average consumer or motorsports professional.

And we used our experience in fitting customers to fine tune the results. 




You measure and let us recommend

We've put together a simple, low cost kit with just a few tools so you can measure your head... front to back, side to side and full around.  It's simple and fast and you report the results back to us right here on this site. 

And soon after, we'll email you the results.  The report includes metrics on shape and size match for all the helmets in our database.  And you'll see what size is best according to the manufacturer's sizing chart.  (view sample report)

The measuring kit and report is is just $19.99 and it includes a $15 store credit from


Ready, set, go...  Order today!